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interview with Robert Gillmor.

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Founding Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, Robert Gillmor has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. 

In October 2013 we visited Robert at his home and studio to discuss his career, founding the Society Of Wildlife Artists and how the Society became a Member of the Federation of British Artists.

Mall Galleries talks to Robert Gillmor

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Mall Galleries talks to Robert Gillmor

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Improve Health and Wellbeing with a craft

Taking up a craft can have health benefits such as autonomy, self-confidence, challenge, ownership, being in control, sense of achievement and self development.

The Crafts Council have research briefings which contain some interesting findings. 

Read excerpts of the brief below (used with permission from the Crafts Council).

Craft and Wellbeing – March 2011 by Dr. Karen Yair, Research Associate, Crafts Council
“…the pleasure makers describe when describing their immersion in making – the feeling of being lost in the ‘flow’ of things, as the mind and body work in repetitive co-ordination.  People who make, also delight in transforming an idea in to something ‘real’.

“Absorption in this type of activity not only occupies and distracts the brain, but has also been clinically proven to raise levels of the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin, whilst inducing the relaxation and ‘mindfulness’ more often associated with meditation.  This triple-whammy of distraction, mood-enhancement and relaxation has other benefits for wellbeing, quietening chronic stress and anxiety, improving dexterity for those suffering from arthritis and muscular disorders, and measurably reducing chronic pain.  At the same time, both the sense of achievement gained from craft and the social interaction it encourages can help to combat the isolation of depression”.

“Perhaps for the first time, they (participants) are able to produce something they are proud of, which belongs to them, and which can be kept for themselves or given to a friend or family member.  Participants gain confidence from developing skills in handling materials and tools.”
Dr Karen Yair

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Used with the permission from the Crafts Council