A mosaic is simply a picture made up from many pieces, which are often cut from glass and ceramic tiles.


Price £30.00 for the 2 disc mosaic box set plus £1.50 postage and packaging. Total payment required £31.50.

About the Artist

  • Anne Cardwell is an award winning mosaic artist.
  • She holds a BA Honours degree in Design and Illustration
  • Anne has worked with mosaic art since the late 1990′s.
  • Has commissions for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Creator of Mega Mosaic Maker.

DVD Facts

  • A six week course on two DVDs.
  • Disc 1 introduces the art or craft of mosaic with the history, tools required, and the range of base materials available.
  • Disc 2 covers the project for the mosaic lesson.
  • The DVD’s feature examples of eye catching items.
  • Step by step instruction is provided in easy to follow chapters.
  • Key points summarise the chapter content.
Price £30.00 for the 2 disc mosaic box set plus £1.50 postage and packaging. Total payment required £31.50.

  • A privilege to learn mosaic skills from a highly experienced and recognised mosaic artist.
  • The process is explained in a clear, understandable presentation.
  • Make gifts such as glitter balls, pictures, candle holders, decorative balls and outdoor garden ornaments and slabs.
  • Learn new skills and optimise your spare time.
  • Personalise your outdoor and indoor space with mosaic art.
  • No exams or assignments or time constraints.
  • Work at your own pace as and re-visit chapters as and when you need to.
  • A relaxing way of spending time.
  • Keep an ancient art form alive.
  • Gain self satisfaction by creating your own mosaic art.


“It’s lovely to watch one of our craft&design selected award winners in action, so often it’s only their finished work that we see, rather than the person behind its creation.  In this well produced DVD set, it’s easy to feel that Anne is speaking directly to you, almost as though you’re attending one of her popular one-to-one mosaic workshops.  In the first DVD she explains in detail all you need to know about the tools, equipment and materials you’ll be using to make indoor and outdoor mosaics, covering the all important health and safety issues too.  There is a wealth of different types of materials that are suitable for making mosaics and Anne’s interesting and informed comments about them all lead you enthusiastically on to the second DVD.  Here she teaches you the actual processes involved, the designing and making of your mosaics, with clear instruction and meticulous attention to detail.  Anne’s ‘digital workshop’ leaves you with the knowledge to start making your own mosaics and the inspiration to design and create something original”.
Review by Angie Boyer, Editorial Director – craft&design magazine.


“This set of two DVDs is a great starting point for those wishing to make mosaic.  Anne Cardwell takes delight in exploring the wide range of seductive and beautiful materials available for use by mosaic artists.  She is like a calm and kind older sister, introducing you to the resources and sharing her own methods, materials and skills.  The samples of work Anne shows are of a high standard but still within the reach of a dedicated beginner.  This DVD will inspire confidence and offer you the basic skills you need to start making”.
Review by Norma Vondee, President – British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM).
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